Dothan Welcomes New Soccer Team, Dothan F.C.

Dothan Welcomes New Soccer Team: Score one for Dothan! A fresh semi-professional soccer team is kicking’ its way to the Circle City, and the game’s about to start. Here’s the lowdown.

The new Dothan FC

Just like the brand-new Huntsville City FC, Dothan is getting its own squad named “Dothan F.C.” (that’s football club for you all).

They’ll be tearing’ up the field at Rip Hewes Stadium, where the Dothan Wolves and the Northside Methodist Knights call home.

As per WDHN, the kickoff for Dothan F.C.’s first season is set for spring 2024, running from April to July. Get ready for some soccer action, y’all!

“We’re excited about it. It’ll be in a time of year when no other sports will be played there, and so it gets us an extra use of the facility.”

Mark Saliba, Mayor of Dothan (WDHN)

Well, y’all, it’s official! Dothan F.C. is a go, and they’re stepping onto the field with a budget of $500K. Get ready for some exciting soccer action in the Circle City!

“We’re not just coming here to participate, we’re going to try to bring winning soccer to the community. Nothing gets the community excited…better than a winning sports team.”

Steve Donner, President, Dothan F.C.

Other semi-professional soccer teams in Alabama

You all, get ready to add some soccer spirit to the mix because Dothan F.C. is joining the game! Alabama’s third semi-pro soccer team is kicking off, following in the footsteps of Birmingham Legion FC and Huntsville City FC. Let’s show our support for some more Alabama soccer talent!

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