Daniel Sloss: A Rare Ally in Comedy Speaks Out on Russell Brand Scandal

Daniel Sloss: Daniel Sloss, a comedian, is gaining attention for openly discussing the Russell Brand scandal. On September 16, it was revealed that Russell Brand was accused of sexual abuse from 2006 to 2013. The claims were made public after an investigation and Channel 4’s Dispatches.

Russell Brand denies rumors, stating all past relationships were voluntary.

A Scottish actor, Daniel Sloss, starred in “Dispatches” and “The Times.” Sloss mentioned hearing stories about Russell Brand’s past behavior.

Sloss discussed online groups for female comic artists. Women in comedy can discuss guys to avoid in these groups.

He claimed women had warned about Russell Brand for years, with comedians joking about his alleged actions. But they were frequently told or asked to stop making these jokes.

Sloss’s role in this report made him a “rare ally” in the comedy world, praised for his bravery.

Sloss’s fans shared a clip from his 2019 HBO special, “X,” where he emphasizes the importance of speaking out against sexual abuse. In the show, he discussed a scary incident where a mutual acquaintance raped his female friend.

Sloss urges men to take action against racism in their own groups. He encourages guys to take action instead of being passive observers and actively contribute to solving these issues.

Daniel Sloss

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He argues that claiming “not part of the problem” is insufficient because it is false. He believes everyone should contribute to solving the problem.

Sloss agrees that most men are good but believes it’s wrong for the majority to stay silent when a few men misbehave. He says being good on the inside isn’t enough; action is necessary, too.

Sloss urges guys in the video to combat sexual abuse. He acknowledges missing warning signs in his friend’s behavior, resulting in his friend being raped.

Daniel Sloss began comedy as a teenager. At 17, he started at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Frankie Boyle’s assistance.

He was one of the youngest comedians to perform a solo season on London’s West End. He was just 19. He worked on Netflix specials “Dark” and “Jigsaw” and appeared on US talk shows like “Conan.”

Sloss is unique in comedy for addressing critical issues and striving for improvement.

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