Daniel Garcia Murder Trial: Evidence, Meetings, and Trial Dates

Daniel Garcia Murder Trial : Daniel Garcia is charged with murder in a 2021 case upheld in 2023.

On September 20, a recent discovery hearing shed light on the evidence problems in Daniel Garcia’s case. At this meeting in Bexar County’s 226th District Court, his lawyer, Michael Gross, made an important point. Gross asked for the meeting notes between the district attorney, Joe Gonzales, and Garcia’s first defence lawyer, Javier Oliva. I was able to read this information from a court record.

Lawyer Michael Gross asked for the notes from a conversation between Oliva and DA Joe Gonzales.

When Judge Velia Meza asked Gross a question, Gross said Oliva, Garcia’s first lawyer, had told him about a meeting with Gonzales. During this call, Joe Gonzales is said to have said that the murder charge was wrong and would be dropped.

Judge Meza then asked the state for more details. Amanda Vasquez was prosecuting for the state. Vasquez didn’t know about that meeting, though. Judge Meza told Vasquez that he could look into this matter further.

During a Wednesday hearing dealing with problems of evidence, Judge Meza asked if any progress had been made on the alleged meeting.

Daniel Garcia Murder Trial

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Vasquez stated, “I had asked about this and I haven’t gotten a response yet whether Mr. Gonzales met with a prior attorney.”

When I called the district attorney’s office to ask to talk to Joe Gonzales, they said they couldn’t because they were still working on a case.

Attorney Michael Gross refused to do an interview after the hearing because the case was still going on.

Notably, Javier Oliva, the defence lawyer said to have met with Joe Gonzales, declined to discuss the situation on the phone or in person. Court records that can be found online show that Oliva quit representing Garcia in July 2022.

The trial date for Daniel Garcia’s case has yet to be set because there are worries about the evidence, and it needs to be confirmed that Oliva and Gonzales did meet. The case will be brought up again on October 31.

In the meantime, Nicolle Aguilar’s case has been set for a hearing date. The process of choosing the jury will begin on February 16, 2024. If she is found guilty, she could get a life term.