Cramer Children Center in the Shoals Area: Receives Vital $400,000

Cramer Children Center in the Shoals Area: Cramer Children’s Center, nestled in the heart of the Shoals, is celebrating a significant boost in its mission to support local youngsters. Governor Kay Ivey recently granted the center over $400,000, offering a lifeline to their vital work.

This commendable center extends its reach across Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, and Lawrence counties. Their comprehensive services encompass therapeutic interventions, specialized court training for children, medical check-ups, and more.

In the words of Kim Bevis, facing budget cuts in recent years, this substantial grant is a game-changer. It not only ensures the retention of dedicated staff but also facilitates crucial services such as therapy sessions, medical examinations, and their routine forensic interviewing.

Kim Bevis, the Executive Director, expressed gratitude for the grant’s impact on the center’s ability to serve approximately 400 to 500 children annually. The funds play a pivotal role in sustaining these essential services, showcasing the center’s commitment to the well-being of the community’s youth.

The grant’s primary allocation will contribute to staff salaries, reinforcing the backbone of the organization. Additionally, it aids in the maintenance and enhancement of their programs, ensuring a lasting positive impact on the lives of the children they support.

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