Cowboy Church Community Seeks New Leader: After Tragic Loss of Pastor Steve Olney

Cowboy Church Community Seeks New Leader: The Cowboy Church community is navigating the process of finding a new leader after the tragic loss of Pastor Steve Olney in a hit-and-run accident nearly a month ago.

Olney was killed while riding his bike on October 18, leaving his congregation in a state of grief. Members emphasize the challenge of finding someone to immediately fill his place, given the strong bond, respect, and love he had built with the community over the years.

Congregant Jeffrey Hurt outlines the essential qualities they are looking for in a new leader: a strong bond in the community, accessibility, and leadership skills. The No Fences Cowboy Church pastor from Morgan County emphasizes that being a pastor is a special calling, requiring a deep sense of service.

While acknowledging that no one can fill Pastor Olney’s shoes, the community hopes to find a leader who can pick up from the trail he left behind and guide the congregation in a direction that benefits its members. The process of selecting a new pastor will be deliberate, involving prayer and spending time with candidates. The congregation aims to have a new pastor within the next six months.

State investigators continue to work on the hit-and-run case related to Pastor Olney’s death, with no reported suspects or arrests at this time.

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