China control over Hong Kong: Defiance Harmony Hong Kong Judge Stands Tall Against Anthem Ban

China control over Hong Kong: China is getting more control over Hong Kong, and officials there are trying to stop people from sharing, singing, and performing the city’s National anthem . Tech companies would have had a hard time with the proposed rule. They would have to stop the song from being shared on Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, and other sites. In that place, they had to do this because they had to follow the rules.

In his decision, Judge Anthony Chan said that if the injunction is given, people might be afraid to play the anthem at regular events for fear of getting into trouble. This choice shows that the government should use its power carefully so that people don’t get scared for no good reason.

What do you know? The good news comes from Hong Kong’s tech companies. They don’t have to do things in a certain order, which would make it hard for people to share knowledge and express themselves freely. The choice also helps the companies keep their good names and shows that they care more about important beliefs than about censorship that isn’t necessary.

Even though the government can try to fight against the decision, the court saying no to the injunction is not good news for people who want to limit freedom of speech. It also makes us think about what Hong Kong’s national security law can do and how it can affect people. The law has already been used by the government to punish people who speak out against it.

China control over Hong Kong

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Tech companies find it hard to follow the rules because Hong Kong’s national security law is not clear and affects things outside of the country. Companies now have to rethink how they do things and be careful when doing business in Hong Kong and China because of the law. It has made them think about what they did and make sure to be careful when doing business in these places.

As a way to deal with the law, the tech business is making its own rules. Even though they give and help in other places, they choose not to do so in Hong Kong. This change shows that the business world knows how hard and delicate it is to deal with the political situation in Hong Kong.

The court’s ruling says that freedom of speech and the rights of each person are very important. This is very important because Hong Kong’s freedom is in danger. It shows us that people in charge of the government should be responsible with their power and think hard about our basic freedoms.

People in Hong Kong are still fighting for their democratic ideals and their right to speak freely. People there and big tech companies from all over the world are working together to say no to trying to stop people from arguing and taking away important rights.


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