Buffett Enthusiasts Convene for Inaugural: Meeting of the Minds in Gulf Shores

Buffett Enthusiasts Convene for Inaugural: GULF SHORES, Ala.  This week, Jimmy Buffett enthusiasts come together for the annual “Meeting of the Minds” convention, and for the first time, it’s hosted in Buffett’s old stomping grounds of Gulf Shores. Described as a family reunion, this gathering takes on a bittersweet tone as it marks the first event since Buffett’s passing two months ago.

Drawing fans from dozens of Buffett fan clubs, boasting over 2,500 registered participants with more expected to join, the event provides a space for collective mourning and honoring the man who profoundly impacted lives. Attendees eagerly anticipate this annual reunion, viewing it as an opportunity to continue celebrating Buffett’s legacy.

Co-Chair of Meeting of the Minds expressed, “A chance to come together and continue their mourning and honoring a man that really changed people’s lives. Really, really did. I mean, I know he changed mine to keep the party going. And that is exactly what we intend to do.”

The Hangout, Live Bait, and other venues will host live music, with a mix of public and private events dedicated to celebrating the bard of island music. Among the highlights is the “Welcome to the Island Party” at Lulu’s on Tuesday at 4:30. While some events are ticketed, others are open to the public, ensuring a lively and heartfelt tribute to Jimmy Buffett’s enduring influence.