Brinyark Triumphs: West Alabama Special Election

Brinyark Triumphs: In a heated special primary election, Tuscaloosa attorney and former judge Brian Brinyark faced off against Fayette County Commissioner Brad Cox in a runoff for the Republican nomination in House District 16.

Brinyark clinched the victory with 52.75% of the vote, prompting Cox, deeply connected to West Alabama’s agriculture community, to concede on Tuesday night.

This special election aims to fill the substantial void in the West Alabama legislative delegation left by former Rep. Kyle South, now leading the West Alabama Chamber of Commerce.

Hailing from Tuscaloosa and a graduate of Central High School, Brinyark has been the municipal judge for Centreville since 2005.

Expressing gratitude to supporters after the vote tally, Brinyark now gears up to face Democrat John Underwood in the January general election. With the district’s partisan makeup, Brinyark appears poised to swiftly secure office.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman John Wahl congratulated Brinyark, anticipating collaborative efforts in the upcoming robust general election campaign.

During the initial primary, Cox led the vote count by a narrow margin, with him and Brinyark collectively securing 32% of the vote amidst other candidates. Cox garnered various endorsements and reported substantial fundraising.

House District 16 encompasses Fayette County and parts of Jefferson and Tuscaloosa Counties. The GOP runoff witnessed approximately 3,200 votes, setting the stage for the special General Election on Jan. 9.

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