Bexar Forensic Science Center: Unmasking the Drug Enigma in Criminal Investigations

Bexar Forensic Science Center: Every day, drugs like heroin, cocaine, weed, and fentanyl enter and exit the Bexar Forensic Science Center. Scientists need to identify the composition of these elusive drugs for use in criminal investigations.

Investigators Visit the forensic refuge’s drug lab to witness their relentless pursuit of truth.

Maureen Migliore, a Bexar County Crime Lab forensic scientist, says, “Every day is new.” There’s always something we don’t know, so we must find out.

Forensic experts find various drugs in dark alleys and streets, including harmless-looking pills, strange powders, and bright green marijuana.

Hannah Miceli, a forensic science expert at the Bexar County Crime Lab, explains the sources of their samples: “Traffic stops with search warrants, drug seizures, evidence seizures, and criminal investigations.”

This expert group analyzes various drugs in large and small quantities and provides potential evidence to law enforcement.

Miceli says, “We’ll get kilos, bricks, and large amounts of cocaine.” This highlights the difficulty of their job.

In drug science, accuracy is crucial. Migliore emphasizes that weight is the basis for all actions due to legal requirements.

Each expert handles 20-30 cases weekly due to new issues consistently arising. Marijuana, meth, and cocaine are the three drugs appearing in their tests.

Bexar Forensic Science Center

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From Jan 1, 2023, to Sep 1, 2023, 6,163 samples were examined in this science fortress. This is a surprising fact. Methamphetamine has the largest share, 37.6%. Cocaine is at 11.6% and heroin is at 10.7%.

Scientists have noticed a concerning trend: fake pills with fentanyl are entering their areas.

Migliore mentions, “I often see round blue pills with an M30 on them.” These pills may appear safe, but they contain a risky combination of acetaminophen and fentanyl.

Miceli adds, “Fake oxycodone pills contain fentanyl.”

The drug range is secret in forensic science, but their work is thorough and accurate. Migliore says, “We don’t do murder trials or anything.” We help our community as best we can.