BC Rain High Soars to New Heights: Alabama Rep. Barbara Drummond Secures $350K for Aviation Program

BC Rain High Soars to New Heights: Alabama State Rep. Barbara Drummond (D-Mobile) had B.C. Rain High School with excitement as she announced securing a whopping $350,000 in state funding for the school’s stellar aviation program.

With joy radiating through the school, Drummond highlighted the extraordinary aerospace program at B.C. Rain. The funds, sourced from the state’s Education Trust Fund, will play a crucial role in advancing the school’s aviation initiatives.

The primary use of the funds includes hiring a professional instructor to guide students in constructing an airplane, elevating their hands-on learning experience. Rena Philips, spokesperson for the Mobile County Public School System, emphasized that the money will also support various other initiatives within the aviation program.

B.C. Rain High School has already made its mark as the first high school in Alabama where students successfully built an entire airplane. Partnering with Tango Flight, a Texas-based organization specializing in teaching students the art of building airplanes from scratch, the school has been at the forefront of aviation education.

Tango Flight’s collaboration extends beyond B.C. Rain, also working with Gulf Shores High School. Exciting news for the future, as Satsuma High School is set to welcome the program next year.

B.C. Rain’s “Rain Academy of Aviation and Aerospace,” established in 2013, achieved the milestone of constructing its first plane in 2020. As part of the Mobile County Public School System’s “Signature Academy” program, the school offers a specialized vocational training program, allowing students to choose their preferred field of study.

This funding not only propels the aviation program at B.C. Rain to new heights but also underscores the commitment to empowering students with hands-on skills that will shape their future in the aerospace industry.

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