Baldwin County Man Relaxing in Front Yard: Mail Carrier Accidentally Runs Over

Baldwin County Man Relaxing in Front Yard: In Baldwin County, a local man’s return home takes a tumultuous turn after a mail carrier accidentally runs him over, causing severe injuries. Brian Jenkins, peacefully resting under a tree near his front door, found himself trapped beneath the car for almost 30 minutes until first responders arrived.

His fiancée, Ashley Ard, vividly recalls the harrowing wait for EMTs, describing it as “20 minutes of the most agonizing moment of our lives.” The incident, occurring during a routine mail delivery on Oct. 17, turned into a nightmare as Jenkins remained stuck beneath the vehicle, drifting in and out of consciousness due to the excruciating pain.

Ard narrates the terrifying experience, highlighting Jenkins sleeping in the front yard while she worked inside. Upon hearing his screams, she rushed to find him trapped under the car. The postal service driver, perplexed by the origin of the screams, remained unaware of Jenkins under the tree.

“I laid under with him and told her to call 911,” Ard recounts. Witnessing Jenkins in intense pain with severe burns and back fractures, she felt helpless.

Jenkins was airlifted to University Hospital in Mobile, and Ard is now on the path to recovery from her own injuries. The couple, grappling with the aftermath of this unforeseen tragedy, is pursuing legal action against the mail carrier, who was familiar with the property but failed to notice Jenkins under the tree.

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