Alabama Weather Dilemma: Farmers Navigate Drought Challenges

Alabama Weather Dilemma: Limestone County, Alabama – With a dry spell impacting the state, Alabama farmers, particularly in North Alabama, are grappling with the consequences. However, for Haney Farms in Limestone County, the lack of rain is proving beneficial for their cotton and soybean crops.

Haney Farms Owner/Partner Matt Haney explains, “As far as cotton farmers and soybean farmers, we’re kind of enjoying getting the crops out.” The dry weather has resulted in high-quality cotton due to its loose condition in the bur, making it easier to pick. The rush is on to harvest as much cotton as possible before potential rainfall.

However, not all farmers share the same sentiments. Alabama Farmers Cooperative (AFC) reports mixed feelings among farmers statewide. Cattle farmers seeking fall grazing and wanting to plant ryegrass are eagerly awaiting rain. AFC Vice President of Member Services Andrew Dempsey notes the stark contrast in rainfall between regions, with crops south of Birmingham suffering more due to prolonged dry conditions.

For Haney Farms, a family venture spanning over 50 years, the unpredictability of weather is a constant challenge. Matt Haney humorously remarks, “It’s kind of…I don’t know what you want…you want rain in a way and then you don’t want rain, you know? Farmers are never happy!”

As the cotton harvest continues, Haney Farms is preparing to plant wheat in the coming weeks, hoping for a timely rainfall to facilitate germination and robust wheat growth.

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