Alabama Rock Climbing Accident: Tragic Fall Claims University of Georgia

Alabama Rock Climbing Accident: A University of Georgia freshman student tragically fell to her death while rock climbing in northeast Alabama. Yutong “Faye” Zhang, 18, was rock climbing in Alabama Oct. 14, when she fell, the Cherokee County Coroner’s Office confirmed.

The 18-year-old died after falling approximately 90 feet from a rock face when her rope became unhooked. NYC CROSSING GUARD DEAD AFTER BEING HIT BY DUMP TRUCK Zhang, of Michigan, was climbing at “Misty,” a popular climbing route at Cherokee Rock Village in Leesburg, which features 200-foot boulders. Zhang was an active member of Athens’ Active Climbing gym.

Following her tragic death, the gym released a statement saying they were “deeply saddened.” “Our thoughts are with Faye’s family, friends and the University of Georgia community at this difficult time.

We join them in mourning this profound loss and honoring the vibrancy, passion and kindness that she brought into our lives.” “Faye, your spirit will forever be a part of our community. Rest in peace,” the gym added. A spokesperson for the university told   that their “sympathies go out to the student’s family,” and they are providing student with counseling and support.

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