Alabama Old Byler Road: Set to Shine as Tourist Attraction

Alabama Old Byler Road: TUSCALOOSA COUNTY, Ala. (WBRC) – Reviving the charm of Old Byler Road, one of Alabama’s historic treasures, is gaining momentum as a beacon for future tourism success.

The Byler Road Steering Committee, backed by supportive state legislators, envisions showcasing the road’s rich history to boost tourism in the state.

Back in 1819, the state legislature bestowed the honor of being Alabama’s first road upon Old Byler Road in Tuscaloosa County. Today, remnants of this historic route pass by the Prewitt Slave Cemetery, where 815 to 900 slaves rest, adding a poignant layer to its significance, as shared by the Prewitt Slave Cemetery Association.

During a recent gathering to promote Old Byler Road as a statewide tourist attraction, plans were unveiled to install 50 historical markers along the proposed Byler Road Scenic Byway, courtesy of the Alabama Department of Tourism.

The vision for the Byler Road Scenic Byway is to create a historical journey through West Alabama for tourists. Stretching from the Tennessee River in North Alabama to the Black Warrior River in Tuscaloosa County, the route will weave through various historical sites, concluding near the river on Main Avenue in the historic downtown of Northport.

Alabama Old Byler Road

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Senator Greg Reed, a fervent supporter of the Byler Road Project, expressed optimism about the economic benefits for the state. He shared, “You’ve got a bunch of folks coming into town, and they want to see all these historical locations. They’re going to spend money. So, it’s going to be an economic benefit for our state, certainly in northwest Alabama.”

Anticipated to kick off in 2024, the first set of historical markers will pave the way for a deeper connection to Alabama’s past, with more markers set to dot the route two years later. The University of Alabama is also collaborating on plans to amplify the allure of Old Byler Road as a must-visit tourist destination.