Alabama Mother Faces Charges: After Newborn Tragic Discovery in Dumpster

Alabama Mother Faces Charges: A mother in Alabama, Cindy Nicole Crow, aged 36, has been arrested after her newborn baby’s lifeless body was discovered abandoned in a dumpster behind a convenience store. Currently in custody with a $200,000 bond, Crow faces charges of abusing a corpse.

The arrest followed a tip received by authorities to inspect the trash container behind Wally World Mini Mart in Alabama. A concerned family member had reported suspicions about Crow, who was believed to be eight months pregnant.

Upon a wellness check on Tuesday, investigators found the newborn girl’s body in a trash bag concealed beneath other garbage. The infant’s remains were sent to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Huntsville for a post-mortem examination.

Decatur police provided a detailed account of the events, emphasizing that Crow is considered innocent until proven guilty. The investigation revealed that Crow had been pregnant as early as February 2023 and had recently given birth. The dumpster at Wally World Mini Mart was identified as a critical search location.

Crow was promptly located and arrested at her home in Decatur, a mile away from the mini-mart. Booked on a felony charge of abusing a corpse, she is under investigation for the circumstances surrounding the infant’s death. Additional charges may be forthcoming as evidence is gathered.

The case, while ongoing, has not confirmed whether it is being treated as a homicide. The final results from the infant’s autopsy, conducted by the Alabama Department of Forensic Science, are awaited.

Reports suggest that Crow’s sister alerted police after observing a suspicious trash bag in Crow’s car. Despite being told to stay away from it, Crow’s sister checked the bag and found bloody feminine products. Upon reaching their aunt’s house, the bag was missing, prompting the call to authorities.

Crow remains incarcerated, having not posted bail as of Sunday. The investigation continues, with the potential for more information to emerge in the coming days.

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