Alabama Faces Severe Drought: Woes Across the State Under Fire Alert

Alabama Faces Severe Drought: Alabama’s 2023 drought tightens its grip, affecting a staggering 95% of the state. A harsh reality unfolds as 58.4% of Alabama faces severe and extreme drought conditions, as reported by Alabama Drought Reach.

How long will Alabama drought continue?

The National Weather Service Birmingham Office delivers a sobering forecast: no respite from the ongoing drought is anticipated in the coming weeks.

Looking at our short-range forecast, we’re not expecting any significant rainfall. The drought is likely going to persist through the next week to two weeks.”

~ Nathan Owen, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service, Birmingham Office

Impacts from Alabama’s drought

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Drought causing wildfires statewide

On October 25, the Alabama Forestry Commission (AFC) sounded the alarm, reissuing a Fire Alert encompassing all 67 counties in the state.

In the 32 northern counties (approximately north of Interstate 20), the issuance of burn permits has been put on hold.
For the 35 southern counties (south of Interstate 20), certified prescribed burn managers retain the choice to secure a one-day burn permit.
This alert came into effect following the collaborative efforts of the Commission and volunteer fire departments in battling 111 wildfires during the week of October 25th, scorching a total of 1881 acres statewide.

Alabama Faces Severe Drought

Will Alabama get rain soon?

Owen, speaking to , hinted that rain might grace us in the coming weeks.

“Toward late November and December, the Climate Prediction Center is indicating there may be some increased rainfall incidences, and our rainfall could be a little above normal for that time of year.”

~ Nathan Owen, National Weather Service, Birmingham Office

Fingers crossed that this prediction turns out to be accurate.

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