Alabama Developer Resolves Flooding Concerns: in Leland Housing Project

Alabama Developer Resolves Flooding Concerns: Flooding, drainage, and insufficient sewer capabilities stood as obstacles when Brunswick County rejected a large housing development last year. However, the Alabama-based developer is committed to resolving these issues as the project progresses in Leland.

The East Lake planned development aims to introduce thousands of residential units across approximately 2,100 acres near the intersection of U.S. 140 and U.S. 74.76, situated southwest of Compass Pointe and adjacent to the approved Malmo Loop planned development.

Initially in unincorporated Brunswick County, the project faced denial by the Brunswick County Planning Board in September 2022 due to concerns about wetlands and potential flooding. In response, Criteria Development, the developer, turned to Leland for a solution.

In December, the town annexed the land into Leland and eventually approved a revised version of the planned development.

Marion Uter, CEO of Criteria Development, reassured that the concerns voiced by neighbors and planning officials have been addressed in the revised plans. He attributed many flooding issues to inadequate drainage under Malmo Loop and Colon Mintz roads.

Uter reported that crews are actively working on the property, constructing retention ponds and elevating the land to manage water effectively. He emphasized their commitment to retaining and storing water on-site to mitigate any adverse effects.

Alabama Developer Resolves Flooding Concerns

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During the project’s consideration in Brunswick County, neighboring residents expressed worries about increased traffic from this and nearby developments. The project was projected to generate over 32,700 vehicle trips per 24-hour weekday, potentially causing two roadways to exceed capacity by 2032.

Uter shared that Criteria Development is collaborating with the North Carolina Department of Transportation to address traffic concerns. The company is investing private funds to support an interchange at Malmo Loop Road and U.S. 74/76, with plans for a future interchange at I-140 to minimize roadway impacts.

Additionally, Criteria Development is coordinating with neighboring developments to tackle shared traffic concerns, hopeful that the drainage solutions implemented for East Lake will prove beneficial for the entire community.

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