Alabama Christian Academy Angler Chooses: Faulkner University Bass Fishing Team Offer

Alabama Christian Academy Angler Chooses: As a champion angler, Alabama Christian Academy senior Hayes Finch faced a flurry of offers to join collegiate bass fishing teams.

In a signing ceremony at ACA, Finch, along with Faulkner University coach John Pollard, celebrated his decision to join the Eagles. Reflecting on his choice, Finch mentioned, “I got probably 12 or 13 offers over the last two years. The school was a better pathway for what I wanted to do. And, then, I got the most scholarship money out of Faulkner.”

Pollard, present at the ceremony, expressed gratitude, noting that attracting anglers from out of state is often easier. He emphasized the importance of becoming a go-to place for local talent, and Finch, hailing from a championship program, contributes to this goal.

Since seventh grade, Finch has been a vital part of the ACA bass fishing team, aiding the Eagles in becoming a championship contender among approximately 50 schools across Alabama.

Despite facing early challenges, ACA coach Randy Gardner highlighted Finch’s resilience, saying, “He faced adversity, but he never let it deter his love and passion for the sport. He always held his head high, as quiet as he is, and he kept pushing forward.” Gardner believes that Finch’s dedication and improvement over the years will lead to success not only in college but, more importantly, in life.

For Finch, the signing ceremony fanfare was a bit distracting, but he’s relieved to have it behind him, stating, “It’s a lot of relief. I don’t have to think about it any more. It’s one more thing off my plate. Now I’m going to enjoy the rest of my senior year.”

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